We have an exciting announcement to make… We're moving!

After 3 years at The Well House it’s time to pack our bags, cradle our iMacs like they were our first born and move on to a bigger and better home. 

It’s been a long process to get here but on October 1st we finally had the go ahead to pick up the keys to our new premises. I’ve been looking for new premises for well over a year now but nothing ever quite fit the bill. I’ve always known that a standard office environment wasn’t right for Headdesk but I was never quite sure what was - It was one of those 'I will know it when I see it' situations. I considered a shop for a while, and maybe that will come back on the cards one day but at the moment the high street isn’t the place for us. I moved on to thinking about industrial units and what I could create within an empty shell. A unit is the ideal space for the photography studio, which is an area of the business I want to focus on and expand more on in 2017. The higher ceilings of an industrial unit creates more head height for the backdrops and the hard floors will make the clean up missions after cake smash photoshoots 100x less stressful (If you are my current landlord, please look away - I promise there has never been cake in the carpet... Maybe... Maybe not!). However, with the big open space of an industrial unit, comes 2 big issues, heat and noise. Luckily after a lot of searching I found the perfect unit to include all the good points of an industrial unit, with a few home comforts of an office space - our new home - Unit 7, Sanders Road Industrial Estate. 

IMG 4954

It’s perfect for us, it’s a small unit (904 sq ft) which makes an easy transition from our current office, but what really sold it was that this former kitchen showroom came complete with suspended ceiling in place (To contain the heat and noise), boarded out walls (No cold concrete block work on show) and even a stone tiled floor throughout. Yes, I said it, beautiful kitchen showroom stone tiling… Not that anyone really ‘needs’ that but compared to the concrete flooring in a shell unit, this was a lovely comfort. This unit is luxury compared to your usual tradesman industrial unit and once I work my magic, it will be transformed into a chic design, print and photography studio worthy of many a Pinterest inspiration board.

Let’s talk location. Location. Location. The new unit, is only half a mile down the road from our current studio. The proximity to our existing studio was just a bonus however, what I really like about the location is unlike most industrial estates which are on the outskirts of town with just tradesman coming through, this estate is in the town centre. Which is ideal to still be able to walk to the bank and post office (and of course a pitstop at Costa!). 

We are going to have it all in the new studio space - We are sectioning the unit into an office space, photography studio and production area for our new in-house printing service. This will allow us to reduce production time, provide an even more competitive price on a range of printed material, along with printing advice and consultations about the final product throughout the design process. More coming on our new print service in a later blog post. 

So, after 3 months in the making, we are happy to announce we are now the proud tenants of Unit 7, Sanders Road. I hope that it will create many opportunities for Headdesk to grow even further in it’s 7th year in 2017! 

Watch this space because we will be sharing lot’s of photos over the next 6 weeks while the builders transform this blank canvas into our new studio. For now, I’ll leave you with a few before photos…

IMG 4959

IMG 4950

IMG 4952

IMG 4951

IMG 4948

IMG 4949