A review of the Adobe Post iOS app

In Late December 2015, Adobe launched ‘Adobe Post’, a free social graphics app for iOS. I discovered it whilst looking for an app to simply add text to my images on my phone. Post is exactly that, and so much more… 

Post is one of those apps that you don’t know you need until you have it. You’ve probably already got some sort of app on your phone which lets you type text on top of your photos but Post allows you to do this in a designer way to create instagram-worthy graphics.

As the name would suggest Post is aimed at those who work within social media to create images which support your updates. Primarily I’ve used it for Instagram and it’s encouraged me to use the platform more creatively. I’ve always taken the time to curate my Instagram feed with original photography which is edited to an inch of it’s life but using Adobe Post has taken my Instagram feed to another level and turned my photos into promotional material. 

Post can be used with very minimal creative flair, which is why some designers are arguing that it is undermining. The app has a lot of templates which you can use to create your designs with but for those who do want to be creative with it, it can be taken much further. You can let Post do all the initial heavy lifting then get creative with a range of settings and create something unique. Personalising the design is easy by selecting different shapes for your text box, changing the colours, sizes opacity, alignment and spacing.

I like the way that the app limits the possibilities of what I can design but still be able to create something visually attractive. It might sound strange to want to limit my creative possibilities but what I can do with my images in Adobe’s pro tools, like photoshop or indesign are endless which can often be a burden when you want to quickly whip up a social media graphic. Adobe Post allows me to create graphics which still look like they have been professionally designed without using too much thought. You don't have to be a designer to understand and appreciate this app, as well as giving designers an easy win, it’s a way for non-creatives to create professional looking graphics in less than a minute.  

Post is a great solution for small businesses to create impactful online campaigns with minimal overheads at a stage where bringing in a graphic designer for every day tasks isn’t financially possible. In my eyes, this leaves budget for the tasks which do need a graphic designer.

There are many ways to use Post, I use it to create thumbnail images with blog post titles on which support the link to my recent blog post, I use it to add watermarks to my photos, I even use to to add personality to my images with quotes or sayings. Its a way to make my content encourage people to read the status attached to it. It isn’t just for Instagram though, I use the same images for the header on my LinkedIn blog posts, for Facebook ad images (Although make sure you keep the text minimal so that it doesn’t exceed Facebook’s 20% rule). These are all things which I was spending way too much time creating in photoshop or Indesign previously, and to be honest, the images I create in Post do the job in a fraction of the time.  

I’m looking forward to seeing where Adobe take Post over the next few months. It’s still a very new app and already within the first 2 months they have brought out updates with much needed new features. There are several things which I hope that Adobe will develop into the app, such as creating your own templates. Overall, Post produces impressive results and has a lot of potential to be a very well designed app and a must have for every social media user.

Download Adobe Post from the app store

Below are some examples of designs I've created in Adobe Post for Tshirtable. You can see from these that it is easy to create a wide range of designs within the app. I've been working on finding a style which I want to use consistently for their Instagram feed. Which is your favourite? Let us know @headdeskdesign



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