Ceramic Painting Workshop at The Melting Pot

Just before Christmas I took a ceramic painting class at The Melting Pot, Bewdley. I've been trying to take time to be more creative lately and this class was the second class I've taken on my road to finding a new creative outlet (The first was furniture painting at the Horsefair Vintage, check out my blog post 'Shabby Chicing'). 

The Melting Pot is a pottery painting studio in my home town of Bewdley. As it was just before Christmas, we were all given plain white baubles to add our designs too. During the introduction Camille started by showing us several techniques we could try on our baubles. I'm not sure of the names of the methods but there were shaped stamps made from sponge and others from rubber which we could use. We could also layer different colours and scratch through the top layer to show the colour underneath. I focused on the slightly easier methods of a trusty brush and also some pens.

I'm not sure I've quite mastered the techniques just yet, but it was interesting and refreshing to try something new. One thing which I found difficult was to imagine what the colours were going to look like after they had been glazed and fired. You'll see from my photos that as I applied the pale pink and grey paints, it was difficult to see them on the pottery. However, after they had been fired and turning into a shiny glazed bauble, the colours were vivid and bright. 

I think that a spherical object for my first piece of pottery may have been a little optimistic! You'll tell from my wonky hearts I tried to draw, that drawing with the pen on a curved object was one of the hardest things I've tried to do. I also couldn't put it down between layers, so by the end of the 2 hour class my arm was a little tired, maybe that added to my shaky hearts too. I would like to give another ceramic class a go but maybe on something a little more flat, like a plate.

Tweet @headdeskdesign if you know of any other local classes to try out so I can achieve one of my 2016 goals of finding more offline inspiration and learn new skills away from the computer. 



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