Christmas comes early at Headdesk

I know what you’re all thinking… It’s a bit early! I have a good excuse though - The photography studio is already booked for over 40 hours this month, so with little kiddies in the studio every weekend until Christmas I thought it would be nice to get the Christmas tree up early this year. Saying that, this might just be one big excuse because I am feeling super festive already.

We had 9 photoshoots in the studio over the weekend with Sian Elizabeth Photography and Paul Hulse Photo, including several family photoshoots. The look on the kids faces when they walked into the studio and saw the Christmas tree was priceless! I can’t wait for more shoots over the next few weekends with Hannah Tolley Photography and Henriette Lang Photography.

Why did I choose a gold theme this year? The reason I decided to decorate the studio gold this year is the same reason I know I have an unhealthy love of Christmas decorations - I always have white and silver decorations at home so I thought that if I decorated my office gold that any decorations I love in the shops, I can either buy for home or for the studio - Genius! I’ve gone for an antique gold and champagne colour rather than a bright gold because I think it’s a little more subtle and also it goes with the industrial look I’m going for in the studio lately. It’s so hard to find packs of gold baubles which aren’t bright gold though, I ended up buying mixed boxes and donating the bright gold ones to family. So if you're on the hunt like I was, try Morrisons, they had boxes of 12 where only 4 were bright, so it wasn't too wasteful. Also, they were doing 3 boxes for £5 so good value even considering I had to discard some.

Believe it or not, I’m not actually the biggest Christmas fan but I do love the decorations - It’s my favourite part. Everything is so beautiful and sparkly, which is especially nice now the weathers getting miserable and dark. It’s been nice this week having the Christmas tree lights twinkling away in the corner.  

I’ll leave you with lots of photos, I hope they inspire your Christmas decorations and if you're wondering where any of it's from, I've tried to list what I can below. 


Where to find them...

Stag Tree Ornament - Matalan £3

Gold Ripple Tree Ornament - Matalan £3

Leaf Tree Ornament - Wye Vale Garden Centre

Leaf Garland - The Range £5.99

Cranberry Garland - Homesense £12.99

Gold & Berry Heart Wreath - B&M £6.99

Flocked Red Reindeer - Wilkinsons £4 (I actually got these last year but they still have them)

Elephant - John Lewis £6 (He doesn't match my gold theme very well so I'm going to get the gold pen out soon)

Gold Ribbon - Webbs

Frosted Fairy Lights - B&M

Plain & Glittery Baubles - Mixture of Wye Vale Garden Centre and Morrisons