December Photo Challenge Fail

So, the Christmas festivities may have got the better of me during December. I set myself a photo challenge for December, to take one photo a day representing the following words. I may have a failed a teeny tiny bit. However, I've never done a daily photo challenge before and I thought I'd be able to just catch up another day. Nope. Doesn't work. Let's move on. He're the photos I took last month and the promise that I'll do better next time! 

1 ’Tis the season
2 Candy Cane
3 Candle
4 Shopping
5 Hot drink
6 Penguins
7 Christmas tree
8 Sparkly
9 Christmas Lights
10 Morning
11 Reindeer
12 Through the window
13 Presents
14 Front door
15 Outdoor
16 Your winter wonderland
17 Stockings
18 Baking
19 Peace
20 Wrapping paper
21 Outside christmas lights
22 Winter walk
23 Home
24 Twas the night
25 Your christmas day
26 Ornaments
27 Tradition
28 A beautiful sight
29 Scarf
30 Joy is
31 Reflect on 2015

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