Festival of the Spoken Nerd

On Friday I went to the Artrix in Bromsgrove to see Festival of the Spoken Nerd's tour of Just for Graphs. A comedy show for the 'insatiably sci‑curious' as they describe it. I have to admit I don't consider myself a nerd, I took a quiz, it's true, I'm not... Unless there's a Photoshop Nerd quiz out there, I'd ace that. However, nerd or not, they combine comedy, science experiments and mathematics together in their stand up routine and it is genuinely laugh out loud funny

I enjoyed the science parts of the show by Steve Mould, especially the demonstration of sound waves using fire... There's no way that can't be cool really. They also made a human speaker cable, which was a little bit mind blowing. The musical elements from Helen Arney were fun and gave my brain a break after the mathematical elements by Matt Parker! A formula that produces itself... Say what?! 

Check them out over at www.festivalofthespokennerd.com 



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