Shabby Chicing

I’ve wanted to find some new creative outlets recently and find some new hobbies that get me away from a computer screen. I found a furniture painting class in Kidderminster at Horsefair Vintage, so I thought I’d give it a go! I took along a little table and after much deliberation chose a gorgeous grey called ‘Castle Keep’ for the legs and a lovely cream called 'Double Cream’ for the top. Amanda who owns Horsefair Vintage was brilliant, her 40 years experience of customising furniture definitely showed and she was happy to tell us all the little industry secrets she’s learnt along the way. The painting part of the process I found a little tedious, luckily my table was only small but I can’t see my patience stretching to a big French Dresser!

However, I loved 2 things…

1. Choosing the colour scheme - no surprise there! If I could get my pantone guides out and choose it that way I would have been even more in my element.

2. Distressing the paint afterwards. It felt odd initially to 'ruin’ something I had just carefully painted for 2 hours but quickly I felt creative choosing where to distress and knowing when was enough!

Seeing as I spent far too much money on paint and brushes at the end of the class I think you’ll be seeing a few more shabby chic creations on here over the next few weeks!

Keep an eye out on Horsefair Vintage’s Facebook page as Amanda runs lots of classes in her little shop in Kidderminster and if you’re looking for a new hobby her knowledgeable and very well priced courses are definitely worth checking out!



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