June Photo Challenge

6 months on from our December photo challenge fail and we did a little better this month.... Okay, it's not perfect but who is! 

In December we managed 7 photos and in June we managed 17, so we're making progress. Maybe next time I'll manage 30 or maybe I should try February next!

I set myself a photo challenge for June, to take one photo a day representing the following words. All photos were taken using my Fuji X-A2 camera, apart from the 2 from the plane window which were taken on my iPhone 6. 

Do you think I represented the phrases well? Tweet @headdeskdesign.


What did I miss?

1 To do

2 Every day

3 Close up

4 Spot colour

5 Behind the scenes

6 Every morning

7 Geeky side

8 Flowers

9 Stairs

10 Refresh

11 Motivation

12 Cant live without

13 Goal 

14 3 of a kind

15 Lazy days

16 Flat lay

17 Black and white

18 Looking up

19 Gift

20 Homemade 

21 Pile

22 Window

23 Something old

24 Reflections

25 Summer nights

26 What I did today

27 Floor

28 Mirror

29 Texture

30 Something borrowed 



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