Meet Valerie - The newest member of our team...

We'd like to introduce the latest member of our Team - Valerie - Our new Intern! 

Back in August an out of the blue phone call from Gary Barrell, the manager of Redditch Ladies FC brought an exciting opportunity for Headdesk. Gary was looking for a placement for one of the clubs international players who was coming over from America in a few days time to join the Redditch Ladies team. After meeting with Gary and Valerie, we saw the great potential not only to help a newly qualified designer to start her career but also an opportunity to bring in a new member to the team with fresh ideas and a strong illustrative style.

Val only joined Headdesk a couple of weeks ago, bringing her unique style of illustration to the table and getting stuck into lots of our design projects. Val has been working on producing this seasons programme for Redditch FC, over the past few weeks which we will be printing ready for their first home game this weekend (Sunday 18th September). We're excited to see Val in action on the pitch and if her footie skills are as good as her design skills, I'm sure they are going to smash it - Good luck to all the ladies, we'll be cheering loudly from the stands with the rest of Team Headdesk! 

Val Redditch

We'll pass it over to Val to tell you more about herself...

"I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Design from Cal State University Long Beach in May 2016. This degree covered everything from product design and graphic design to interior architecture. Although I originally leaned more towards interior architecture and design, I’ve gravitated towards graphic design and branding in my last year at school. That’s why working for Headdesk is perfect for me, because I get to see what a graphic design studio is all about!

I think everything I do at Headdesk this year will really help boost my resume and portfolio. I’m excited to combine my two favourite things — soccer and design! I'm currently working on creating the Redditch FC match-day programs and by creating a brand identity for a new soccer program called ThisGirlKicks. I’m also excited to work on some more creative projects as well, I've already been working on some original hand-drawn prints for people in my free time, like the snail above for one of Headdesk's clients (Hannah has already said she's getting this one printed for the studio!). I hope I can also learn a little bit about marketing from Hannah while I'm here - seeing the business and marketing side of design for me is really new and interesting. 

Val Banner

(^ One of Val's first projects was to create a feather flag for the football club she was coaching in the Summer holidays - Here she is with the final result!)

I’m looking forward to learning more about photography and T-shirt printing too, as these are some additional services Headdesk offers. I’m glad to have found a smaller studio to intern at as I think I might have just been another number at a bigger studio, but at Headdesk I'll be able to get really involved. I’ve only worked 6 days total so far, but I’ve already been able to get hands-on and really contribute to some of Headdesk's existing projects , as well as start my own side projects. 

IMG 7081

I hope to learn and experience as much as possible in my time here!

Moving to England for a year was a pretty big deal for me considering I’m a recent college graduate who has spent the past 21 years living in sunny California. So why move away from my haven of year-round sunshine, palm trees, and warm sandy beaches, you may ask? 

Well, 1. The traffic in California is a bloody mess.

2. I never got to do study-abroad at University because I was a Division-I soccer player and design student, so there wasn't much time for anything else! 

Val Longbeach

3. I’m putting off finding a steady-paying job straight out of college and becoming a real, contributing member of society.

And finally, 4. I came across this incredible opportunity to play semi-professional soccer; get set up with an internship in my desired career field; all while still having time to travel and sight-see!

Oh that, and I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan and I would be severely disappointing my ten-year old self if I passed up the chance to live in magical England for a year. 

So I’ve got a pretty sweet set-up here, playing & coaching for Redditch United FC and working part-time at Headdesk!"

- Val

IMG 7082

Follow @Headdeskdesign on Instagram for some sneak peeks of some of the projects that Val is working on. Also, follow Valerie's own Instagram @valmargerumart to see some of beautiful doodles inspired by some of her adventures in England.


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