November Favourites

It's been a month of newsletter template designs and social media marketing campaigns which aren't too exciting to share in pictures or words, so this month I thought I would just share a couple of things I've been loving using this month and my favourite outing... 

As you might have seen in our blog post earlier in November 'Christmas Comes Early At Headdesk' we were a little keen with our Christmas decorations in the studio but I have resisted temptation at home. So to suppress my festive yearning I've been burning this Snow Cap & Pine candle from DW Home which I picked up at Homesense. It smells incredible, it's quite an aftershavey scent but a little bit Christmassy from the pine.

I picked up some new notebooks this month by Fringe Studio in TK Maxx for £5 each. I am so fussy when it comes to notebooks that when I found these I bought all 3. I have to have spiral-bound notebooks because I like them to lay flat when I write in them. They also have to have lined pages but the lines can't be too dark or too close together - Am I the only one who's this fussy with notebooks? I hope not! 

To go with my new notebooks I also went back to Paperchase and got another of my favourite pens, the Mono Feathers Twist Pen for £5. Along with looking lovely with monochrome feathers, for a relatively budget pen it has a really nice weight to it, which is why I really like it over Paperchase's cheaper pens. 

One of my favourite places I went in November was the Worcester Victorian Christmas Fayre. I went with Sian from Sian Conway Photography and we had a lovely evening wondering around the market feeling all Christmassy with our mulled wine and taking lots of photos. Check out her blog post 'A Very Victorian Christmas'. One of the things I want to find more time to do is getting out and about taking photos. I get so embarrassed taking photos in public and we had a few many awkward moments at the market pretending to be interested in buying things on the stalls so we could sneakily take photos. Definitely one for the new years resolutions... "Must try not to crumble into a ball of embarrassment when taking photos!"

Last but not least, I have loved supervising our photography studio this month. I don't always get to be in the studio when it's hired out but this month I've been the one opening the studio on the weekends but as you'll be able to tell from my festive selfie, I've loved it this month. I've had a prime position hidden behind my Christmas tree watching all the families smiling for the camera. It's been lovely and festive with the Christmas tunes on in the background. It's actually been a really nice chance to sit and sort of do nothing for a few hours, which is a rare opportunity. Check out our blog post 'November Showcase @ Studio B61which has lots of photos that were taken in our studio by various photographers during November.



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