October Favourites

How on earth it is the end of October already, I have no idea! I wanted to share a few of the things I've loved this month - It's a pretty varied collection of things. I'll start on a design note then move on to some of the random things I couldn't live without in October.

I finished a really nice project this month, which I'll be sharing in a future blog post so I won't go into too much detail - I created some really beautifully simple wedding invitations, which has been my favourite project, pictured below. This is only the second wedding stationery I've produced, and I don't know why I haven't got into it sooner. I really loved designing it, and it's so rewarding and creative - A refreshing break on the days that seem full of corporate design work. I'd love to do some more soon! 

I've got a favourite font to share with you this month. A couple of days before I launched the new Headdesk website, it still had the font 'Lobster' for the titles. I do like that font, however, in the design world I would have been slated for it's over use. I'd just thrown it in while designing the website because it was available in Adobe Typekit. So I spent a few hours trawling through all the fonts on Typekit trying to find an alternative, and the pressure was on! The font I chose was called 'PrintF' by Typodermic. 

Typodermic Fonts was established by Ray Laramie, a Canadian font designer who lives in Nagoya, Japan, to provide high-quality font families for industrial and consumer needs. In the late 1990s, he created hundreds of free font families and released them on his Laramie Fonts website. In 2001, he went pro and started Hypodermic fonts. Over 200 font families later, Ray’s library of fonts continues to grow.

I wanted the website to have this 'industrial' feel to it, the imagery pulls that style in, but the text wasn't really doing the same. As soon as I changed the font to PrintF, the industrial theme was much more obvious and I think it needed that. Some typewriter fonts can look really cheesy and fake. This one seems much more genuine with slight variations in weight throughout the letters just like a typewriter key hitting the page with ink. Any font that is trying to copy ink or handwriting is always going to look a little 'fake' as each letter is the same when it's repeated, which would never happen in the real world, but I think Typodermic have done well with this font. It adds just enough personality to the titles without being over done. Find PrintF in Adobe Typekit. If you don't have typekit, download PrintF from MyFonts for £7.99.

I bought a new camera this month. I wanted a compact camera which I could carry with me which still had the control of a dslr. I've already got a Canon 60D which I take out when things get serious but it's big and heavy and needs a lot of padding to keep it safe, which makes the bag massive. After some research I found that a Compact System Camera was the way to go. They are small, light and handbag friendly but they have interchangeable lenses. Compact system cameras are the ideal combination of manual control with a light, versatile design. If you want to get creative with your photography and use different lenses for different subjects, a compact system camera(CSC) makes a smaller, lighter alternative to a DSLR.

I've always been a Canon girl so when it came to the prospect of choosing a non-canon camera I didn't know where to start (Canon don't make Compact System Cameras). I thought I was going to love the Olympus PEN, I've seen a few bloggers use it, but after watching some YouTube reviews, it looked small and too much like your usual point and shoot cameras. After using a 60D for years, I wanted a camera that still had some weight to it and you could hold like a proper camera, something a bit substantial - otherwise I may as well use my phone!

I took the plunge and ordered the FUJIFILM X-A2 Compact System Camera with XC 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens. I'm not going to lie, I think my decision was down to the way it looks. It's beautiful with tan leather detail to the body. It looks like an old school film camera. I've got to carry this camera around with me so it's always on hand to catch those instagramable moments - it's got to look good! It's still early days getting to grips with the X-A2 but expect a full blog post soon.

I've been going through a stage this month where I'm really bored of the studio interior so I've been on the look out for stuff to break up the IKEA showroom look. I found a shelf from Wayfair that's got the industrial feel that I love at the moment. I also think it's going to make a perfect place to take photos, I use an old beer crate as the backdrop to my portfolio images at the moment but I think this could work well. For now it's home to my little plastic succulent (I kill anything that needs watering!).

If you've seen me any day this month I was probably wearing the following two things. I bought a brushed chevron scarf from ASOS at the start of October and I'm pretty sure I have worn it every day. I hate being cold so this is probably going to remain around my neck until about March! Secondly, a got a marble effect necklace from H&M, again I haven't taken it off this month. If you're into layering necklaces like I am, I'd recommend checking out the selection in H&M. A lot of them have these 3 points in the chain that you can attach the clasp to and make it the right length to fit with your other necklaces.

It's my favourite, favourite... Food! I've been living on takeaways the past few weeks as I'm renovating my house and the idea of cooking in a layer of dust is less than appealing. A friend introduced me to Maekong Thai a few weeks ago and I am sold. I've always assumed Thai food is all coconut and cream but I was wrong. I don't know if it's just this place or I just had Thai food totally wrong but they do loads of dishes which are quite like Chinese but with more interesting flavour combinations. I've had the spicy battered aubergine every time and it's incredible. Highly recommended if you're near Bromsgrove.

Okay, even I admit this ones random but it had to have a mention because it is honestly one of my best discoveries this month. Apple and Elderflower juice from Morrisons. Just go and try it and thank me later.

Last but not least, I'm going to see Gavin Degraw at The Forum in London on the 1st November so in preparation I've had all of his albums on repeat this month, ready to sing my heart out. I've been a fan for probably 10 years and I've seen him once before. He's one of those that you might not listen to very often, but when you do, you know every word.


Oversized Scarf In Brushed Chevron ASOS

Langton Wire Storage Unit Wayfair

Marble effect Necklace H&M 



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