Studio Make Over Pt 1

It’s been over a year since I did a studio ‘make over’ and I’ve been itching to buy some new bits. But what sparked this years office make over you might ask? It was a little sponsored Facebook ad from Ben Rothery Illustration (well played Ben Rothery, well played). He was having a 50% sale on all his prints at

The illustrations are quirky and the animals have such character, a really cool style and most of them are B&W which is what I’m going for with the office at the moment. B&W with pops of Red, Turquoise and Yellow… Sounds odd but I think it works. I bought these two guys ‘Julian’ and 'Mr Fox’ and I’m in love!

Since these guys got delivered I’ve been picking up a few bits and bobs including the pots and hooks below... I'm sure there will be some more added very soon! 

Don’t forget to check out and if you spot a sale on there tweet me because I need more!



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