The Studio Bromsgrove

I wanted to write a quick blog post today about one of our services you may not be aware of - We provide a fully equipped photography studio for hire in our Bromsgrove office.  

We’ve had all kinds of photoshoots here! It’s become a popular studio for family and pet photoshoots. Not only is it hired out directly by local photographers to bring their own customers to, but it’s also hired by other designers and retailers who need a space to take professional product shots on our seamless white backdrop. They might take these themselves or bring in a photographer to help. 

Photography can be an expensive business to start up, the equipment can set you back and then you need to find a space to hire and commit to long leases. I worked from home for a couple of years when I first started Headdesk and I put off making the leap into hiring an office for as long as I could to avoid the massive overheads. That’s why when I started thinking about hiring our studio out I wanted to help those who were in a similar position as I was in when I first started out. We hire the studio out in affordable 1 hours slots and offer discounts for longer bookings, so there isn’t the pressure of filling a whole day with bookings to cover the studio hire and it can even be affordable when building up a portfolio.

Since we moved into our Bromsgrove studio in 2013, we have had an in house photography studio set up for our own use, it was around 18 months later that we thought it would be a great opportunity to start hiring out the space when we weren’t using it. We started promoting the studio in late 2014 and it’s grown a lot since. We’re constantly adding new equipment and props which are available to hire. I’ve slowly been buying more and more props for the studio, from furniture to bubble machines and doggy beds! It’s something extra that I wanted to provide to regular hirers who were struggling to build up the range of props you need to suit different ages and themes. It also saves them carrying bulky items of furniture to the studio! Hirers often bring their own props in when they have specific themes to their shoots, but it’s useful for them to know that there’s always a selection on hand here. It’s also a great excuse for me to buy really cute furniture and decorations!

I’ve really enjoyed hiring the studio out the past year, it’s been great to see the photographers grow their businesses! We recently introduced into the hire packages, a free practice hour when they book a weekend session, which photographers can can use to practice lighting and set ups. It really helps them to feel confident when they come in with their customers. 

We’ve got a really exciting month at the studio this November with bookings every weekend. Follow @studiob61 on Twitter and 'studiobromsgrove' on Instagram to see what we’re up to! 

If you would love to book a photoshoot with one of our regular photographers, they are all running fantastics offers this month, with photos ready in time for Christmas!

Check out their portfolios here:

Henriette Lang Photography   |   Sian Elizabeth Photography   |   Paul Hulse Photo   |   Hannah Tolley Photography   |   Flash Photography   |   Mats Snaps

If you’re a photographer and would like to try our studio for yourself, we’re offering 25% off all first time bookings for the rest of 2015 with a quick mention of this blog post when you contact us!  

For more information about our The Studio Bromsgrove visit the website Where you’ll find an extensive equipment and facility list, prop catalogue, price list and studio diagram.

Here's just a few of the photos that have been taken in our studio...



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