Our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Graphic Designers & Creatives... Part 1


1. Planner // For the list makers

You really can’t go wrong with a beautiful notebook, every creative friend I have is obsessed with them. I always have a stack waiting to be used and I have a bad habit of getting too excited  and start using a new one before finishing my current one. I don’t know if it’s a designer thing or because I spend 90% of my life glued to a computer screen but I have to have my to-do lists scribbled in a notebook... I just cant make that final leap to the digital world! Is anyone else the same?

There are loads of beautiful notebooks and planners out there, I usually head for Homesense or TK Maxx for mine, but there’s one I’ve been pining after one from The Bloggers Planner for ages. It’s one of those things which is probably a little overpriced for what it is, but it’s so beautiful that I have to have it. So getting one of these as a gift would be perfect for me! 

www.thebloggersplanner.com sell a selection of customisable planners which have uniquely laid out pages perfect for different lifestyles. As the name suggests they have one targeting Bloggers where you can plan blog posts and social media posts along side your standard calendar but there are others available for those who don’t necessarily have a blog…

The Bloggers Planner From £22

The perfect way to keep your day to day tasks and your content, organised.

The Content Planner From £22

The perfect way to manage your posts separately from your day to day life. The layout of this planner encourages you to draft your content logically and effectively and ensures you are able to keep track of everything you need to post and promote your content.

The Day Planner From £22

The perfect agenda for anyone who likes to keep their daily activities organised, in a simplistic way.

The Project Planner From £14.99

Brainstorm your ideas and keep all of your upcoming project organised.


2. Prints // For the homies

I’ve been renovating my house for the past year and it's nearly finished which means I'm in the process of finding all the finishing touches that make a house a home, including wall art. I've been on the hunt for some cool artwork for the walls and I've found a few... 

Ben Rothery Illustration www.benrotheryillustrator.co.uk

Unpopular opinion puffin  |  Oscar  |  Mr Fox  |  Julian

From £15 or £3 as greeting cards


Tobias Illustrations www.tobiasillustrations.com

Grey Wolf Print  |  White Rhino Print  |  The Stag Print  |  Saber Print 

From £15 or £2 as greeting cards


Society6 www.society6.com

Sorry Quote  |  You Asleep Yet?  |  Mr Fox  |  Painting the Universe  |  Moon Climbing

From £8.50 


Paperchase www.paperchase.co.uk

I love you in the morning

Available as greeting cards from £3


3. Headphones // For the music lovers

I’m going to admit something here, I tend to buy some things purely because they look cool. When I was researching which headphones to buy this Summer my partner who is a music buff was screaming at me to get this one and that one because the bass is better or the sound quality is top notch. Well, I ignored him! I went for these bad boys, The Skullcandy Navigator Headphones in Maroon and Copper because look nice and they fold which is amazingly practical for on ear headphones, and I wouldn't change a thing, I love them!

“The Navigator blends retro-inspired design with an obsessive commitment to sound quality and comfort. Our custom-built REX40™ drivers and an advanced acoustic chamber work together to deliver attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs.” Skullcandy.com 

The Maroon and Gold Navigator headphones are available on Amazon but it looks like they don’t sell this colour on Skullcandy's webstore anymore, however they do some other really cool colours and patterns - View all Navigator Headphones on Skullcandy.com

Also check out the Knockout headphones from Skullcandy, which are practically the same but they have redesigned the headband to fit Women and come in some amazing designs like these floral and blue ones below.  


4. Marker Pens // For the students

I don’t know if this goes for all Universities but at Coventry we had to do all of our initial sketches using marker pens which makes this a good gift for students. I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing I asked for every Christmas during my 3 years at Uni because they are not cheap and having just a couple of colours, isn’t going to cut it. It’s a good one to buy as a gift because even if the recipient has the colours you choose already, one day they are going to dry up or run out in the middle of the night, the day before a deadline and you’re thoughtful little gift of marker pen loveliness will be there to catch their fall.

There are several popular brands of marker pens so you might want to ask first or have a sneaky peek on their desk to see which ones they use, but I use the Letraset Pro Markers, they are a little cheaper than some of the others so I managed to build up a collection pretty quickly. They are also available in a range of 6 pen sets from £13.99 which make good gift sets.

The Letraset markers are also available in Hobbycraft if you would rather shop in store. 


5. Marker Pads // For the ones who have all the marker pens

The marker which I mentioned above, are best used with bleed resistant pads. So, if you are thinking of getting some markers as a gift this year or you know that your designer friend is already stocked up on markers, help them out with some pads because we go through them like they’re going out of fashion.  

Again, there are loads of brands of marker pads available, I use the Staples own brand ones which start at £6.50. You can also find a range of premium brands on Graphic Direct which would make a nicer gift than the Staples ones, as they are better than the cheap ones we buy ourselves!


Check back on Wednesday for Part 2!



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