Website Launch

This website, that you're on right now, has been a very long time coming! I've been working on a new website for HeadDesk on and off for the past 2 years. Ask any designer what the hardest thing to design is and they'll all say the same - Anything you're designing for yourself or your own business... I can vouch for that. 

So far, I've been coding every design idea myself as I've gone along but the day came last month that I realised I was holding the design back with my (lack of) web development skills. So, I handed all the half finished websites over to the professionals and it was the best decision I've made. Elys from Deep Roots, a Bristol based Website Developer, took all my design elements and started again. This time, bigger, better, responsive, content managed and a little bit shinier! Elys brought in interactive elements that made my design even sleeker, and to be honest, he probably took some away. It was refreshing to have someone throughout the project who could tell me what would work, what wouldn't work, and frankly, what shouldn't.

The most interesting part of this website is the part you can't see. Before we started developing the site we spoke in depth about how I wanted the content management system to work. Elys took that challenge and went above and beyond to make it work exactly how I wanted. The website is built entirely modular which means that I can build the pages how I want them within the content management system. Instead of a Home Page template and Sub Page templates, I have 7 module templates which I can use as building blocks within the CMS. Within Umbraco, the content managment system we used, I can create a folder full of Text Modules, another full of Galleries and so on, then within each page I select the modules I want and in what order. Voila. Elys doesn't just buid a website how you want it to look, he also builds the CMS how you want it. And from someone who has managed many client's websites over the years, using many different systems, that is almost more important than the design itself. I say almost, because I'm a designer and there's nothing more important than the way something looks! 

While Elys has been doing what developers do, over in the HeadDesk camp the past month has been spent gathering all our latest projects together to create a new portfolio, writing and rewriting about what we do, and gradually becoming overwhelmed by the glowing testimonials our clients have been sending in. 

So that's how we got here, the website has been launched. It then took about 2 hours for myself and Elys to start discussing ideas to better the website we had just launched! So watch this space, I'm sure the next few months will bring many more opportunities for Elys to show off his crazy developer skills and for me to change the font 100 more times. For now, have a browse and let us know over on Facebook or Twitter what you think. 



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